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Our Project - The Lukani Children's Centre



Great news - we are now fully open and helping our first children who have arrived, registered and settled in. After eight years this is a wonderful achievement, and a credit to everyone who has supported us over the years. We will have raised somewhere in the region of £50,000.


Our separate kitchen and dining room is nearing completion and will allow meals to be prepared and eaten in a purpose built building.


We have two full time qualified teachers to introduce the children to basic English, a 'matron' to take care of the children's day to day needs, a watchman / gardener / handyman along with our long time friend and retired headmaster Mr Mashoya Natai who oversees day to day operations.


Currently we have 25 sponsored children attending full time, plus another 18 day attendees who really need financial support. We have identified further children who are in need of sponsorship. Sadly we simply do not have the funds to take them all now. We have created a committee with representatives from all four villages to ensure the most needy children are appointed.


Sponsoring a child who lives at the Centre Monday to Friday and some weekends costs £20 a month. We transfer ALL sponsorship money in full around the 15th day of each month, so every penny paid really does go to the children. They are well looked after with three meals a day, clothes washing, a new bed, good hygiene and so on. Plus they receive the all important introduction to English.


For more information on sponsoring a child please click HERE.


Centre & Workmen Jan 2015